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SCARED TO GO COMPLETELY BARE? common questions and answers on female and male brazilian waxing

5 Dec
How often should you get a Brazilian wax?
Every 3-5 weeks.  The minimum length for the hair to be waxed is 1/4 inch.
Does it hurt?
For some, it can be very uncomfortable but the majority are pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t that painful. If you’re a female close to your monthly flow it can be bit more sensitive. Keep in mindthe Aesthetican you choose can make all the difference.
Is the Bikini wax the same as the Brazilian?
No it’s not the same. The bikini wax is the natural hairlineyour swimsuit follows – upper thighs, pubic and anal area.  The Brazilian wax is hair removed completelyfrom the pubic area, inner outer labia, or scrotum, penis, perineum and anus.
Is five weeks too long between Brazilian waxing?
For some it’s better. Typically, the bulb of coarser hairremoves easier with length. The average is 4 weeks between waxing services.
Is a Brazilian wax worth it?
If your a first timer, you love it! For previous shavers it’s heaven! No stubble, no ingrown hair, no itching, noskin irritation, no scars, next to laser hair removal it’s the longest lasting andleast expensive.
What’s the cost?
In Las Vegas, Nevada the average is $65 for females.  Males can average up to $95.
Which wax style is the best? Brazilian, Bikini or take itall off?
It’s a preference. Male/Female Brazilians are one of my popular services and most remove all of it. Very few leave a strip or triangle.
What other benefits to Brazilian waxing?
Better hygiene, smoother feel, increased sensitivity duringsex and the added optical inch that’s gained for men. The benefits for both sexes are equally desirable.
Can you get an infection from Brazilian waxing?
Yes, if done incorrectly. Tears can cause infection and if the Aesthetician re-uses her sticksover again. (double dipping) that can also cause problems. Find a person or salon thatspecializes in waxing. Always pay attention and ask questions.
What kind of wax is best for Brazilian Waxing?  Strip or Hard WBoth. Strip wax is better for the pubic area.  In my opinion hard wax is the best in theinner outer labia, scrotum, and anal area. It’s easier on the skin and saves time.waxnaked.com