AFRICAN AMERICAN SKIN: best chemical peels to help lighten.

26 Jul

African American Skin Lightening

Not all cosmetic procedures that suit caucasian skin types will suit other skin types so you may be wondering about chemical peels for African American skin or ethnic skin. There are several different types of chemical peel available and some are definitely not recommended for African American skin.

There are superficial (progressive) peels, medium surface peels and deep chemical peels available. Phenol peels are the deepest kind of peel that’s available and are not recommended for black skin because the risk of severe damage and can only be performed by a dermatologist.

TCA or trichloroethanoic acid is a medium surface peel and is excellent for fading dark marks, evening the skin tone.  L-retinol is also an excellent choice for renewing cells, lightening pigmentation, balancing sebacous activity but must be used with caution when the skin is exposed to the sun.  Peels are the best performed in the Fall when the heat and sun are not so strong.

Superficial (progressive) peels are by far the safest but they are also effective at dealing with skin discolorations. Salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid can all be used for superficial peels. Lactic acid is the mildest of the three but it can be used weekly or every two weeks depending on the concentration of the acid used. Lactic acid is effective for fading acne scars and other minor hyperpigmentation problems.

Salicylic acid is usually used for treating acne more than for hyperpigmentation. Salicylic acid is often found in face washes and moisturizers that are used to treat pimples or acne problems.  Glycolic acid is the strongest of the superficial peels and is effective at treating mild hyperpigmentation on African American skin.

As always a skin consultation and analysis is essential for any skin treatment program.

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